a collection of thoughts and feelings that are personal and dont have to have anything to do with my own work because we are all multi-faceted

#goo 👀💦

uh when you plan business stuff on the weekend and then people cancel and you know you’ll probably only get like an afternoon off next week cos your calendar is so full 

#Silicone leftovers đź”®

i swear leaving where im from and my family and going to uni and getting free therapy at uni are like the best things that have ever happened to me

i go from wanting to throw everything ive worked for in the bin and just die lying in a gutter somewhere to being really grateful for having somewhere to call a sanctuary and crying at how beautiful the world is on a daily basis is this normal?

when our show was on a guy who works freelance as a fabric developer at hermes and fendi talked to me and took my card but never got in touch with me oh well



everything is boring everything is disappointing 

Uhhh having to spend all of today’s earnings on fixing my bike argh the universe is wasting my time today!