a collection of thoughts and feelings that are personal and dont have to have anything to do with my own work because we are all multi-faceted


when people think they can have my time and knowledge for free….lol

got a weekly whiteboard planner!!
another step away from being an international business woman extraordinaire!!

I don’t think I’ll ever become a millionaire or anything cos whenever I get money I just wanna spend it all on my friends lol that’s how it should be init


Anonymous said: what happened about the pizza delivery creep??

he got fired on the spot and papa johns said that if i wanted to take it up with a legal team they would totally support me! didnt want to make someone lose their job but he put my safety at risk so yeah go papa johns 

im going back to my hometown for less than 24 hours this week just to see my dentist and i kind of love dressing really pointlessly glam when i go home like kim k fresh off the plane even though i’ll be getting the megabus

i just had to say goodbye to a very dear friend of four years who believed in me even when i didnt and trying not to think about the fact shes moving to asia so i basically may never see her again :( 

eww some pizza delivery guy stole my number from his work and has been creepy texting me all morning which means he probably remembers where i live i feel like getting him fired cos EW